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Welcome to Term 3!

Hasn't the year flown by.  Exciting to be half way through the year and our students working so well with their School Reports showing these results.  Well done to each of you.

We renovated over the school holidays and our students are loving the new spaces with sound proof rooms and bigger study areas. It is an amazing area to concentrate and learn to their full potential.

Looking forward to continuing our relationships with current students and meeting our new students.

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Study tips and important news


Successful Study Guaranteed

  • Make your own study timetable

  • Treat everyday as a school day through the holidays. Get used to sitting 2-3 hours at a stretch

  • Eat healthy!!

  • Sleep at the right times!!

  • Exercise!! If you are not into fitness, then go for a walk and clear your head

  • Summarise…. properly!

  • Checklist you subject dot points. Display visually. Minimise social media to fit into your ‘downtime’

  • Set your own study questions 

  • Seek triggers for memory

  • Check with your tutors for areas not sure of particular topics

  • Hard work, dedication and time management will produce improved results so earn the grade you deserve

  • This is the business time of schooling with reward just around the corner.

Good luck :-)

Committed to Quality

Each term continues to build on the learning cycle for the year. It is in Term 2 that work habits are reinforced and routines become habit after settling into school throughout Term 1. We know that routine is an important foundation skill so re-negotiate the ground rules you have established given the scope of growth you have evidenced and again adjust your home practice as required.

With the end of Semester 1 school reports are shared with families and time to reflect on current learning and practices.  It is never too late to change up your child's learning formula.

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