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Team Smartworks

All our tutors are specialists in their chosen subjects area.  They are university students after receiving highly successful results for their HSC.

They all have their WWCC (Working with Children Certificates).

Our Team:

Donna: Director and Primary tutor

Aidan: Secondary tutor - English, Mathematics

Aimee: Secondary tutor - Mathematics, English, Legal Studies

Alisa: Secondary tutor - Mathematics, English

Alyssa: Upper Primary/Secondary tutor - English, Mathematics, Business Studies

Brad: Secondary tutor - Society and Culture, English

Chris: Primary tutor

Ella: Secondary tutor - English, Mathematics, Biology, SOR

Georgia: Primary tutor

Jerri: Secondary tutor - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Hannah: Secondary tutor - English, Biology, SOR, PDHPE, History

Haylee: Secondary tutor - Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, English

Haylee: Primary tutor

Lauren: Secondary tutor - Mathematics

Luke: Secondary tutor - Mathematics 

Matthew: Secondary tutor - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, PDHPE

Michaela: Secondary tutor - Mathematics, SOR, English, PDHPE

Rylee: Primary Tutor Assistant

Tamsyn:  Primary Tutor

Tara:  Primary Tutor Assistant

Tiana:  Secondary tutor - Mathematics, English

Meet the Team: About
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