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PRE SCHOOL TO                              YEAR 12

Smartworks Education Centre first opened in 2001 with a small group of children.  Today Smartworks enrols over 120 students from all ages and stages starting at Pre School through to HSC level.

At Smartworks Education we pride ourselves in assisting students with their learning.  We always deliver excellence in education support, working closely with NSW School Curriculum and provide strong pastoral care as well as individualised support and compassion for your child.

We believe the importance on building relationships and nurturing the wellbeing of our students as our main focus.  Our foundations are built on relationships.

Our tutors are deeply committed to knowing and caring for each student to ensure they reach their full learning potential.

We ensure each session provides our students with flexibility in their learning along with a creative, rewarding and challenging learning experience. Our students are encouraged to be effective problem solvers, deep thinkers and open communicators.

We have student placements available for children from kindergarten through to Year 12 including all HSC subject areas.

Thank you for trusting Smartworks Education for your child's extended learning.

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Interested in learning more about our friendly and caring team of tutors and how we make tutoring educational as well as fun for all our students.

Call us today!

Level 1 1050 Old Princes Hwy Engadine NSW 2233

02 9548 6455

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