The new year is underway and your high school age student can do a few things differently to make all the difference down the track:
1. Fill in the school diary with Term Weeks. In NSW, 2011 Term weeks are all 10 weeks. Your school may have something a little different so check it out and label each view page T1W1, T1W2 etc.. 
2. For each assignment or assessment, make a note not only of its due date, but key dates to do activity on that
 assignment or assessment task. You do not want to begin an assignment the evening before it is due.

 3. Stock and clean out the area where you will study. Your ability to stay on task will be helped by having a tidy, useful place to work.

4. Print multiple copies of your timetable and have them readily accessible (The fridge, inside your diary, your desk) Pack your bag with only what is needed the night before. Rushing in the morning only makes you anxious.

5. Knock over the hardest homework tasks early in the afternoon while your brain is fresh.

6. Manage your "online" presence so that it does not chew all your useful time. Being readily available to others is not good for your own learning. You can't do an assignment justice if you are an avid gamer or texter so limit yourself to key 'downtime' breaks for your own good, and that of your friends!!!