• Make your own study time table

  • Treat every day as a school day through the holidays. Get used to sitting 2-3 hours at a stretch.

  • Eat!  Eat healthy!!

  • Sleep! Sleep at the right times!!

  • Exercise!! If you are not into fitness, then go for a walk and clear your head.

  • Summarise…. properly

  • Checklist you subject dot points. Display visually. Minimise social media to fit into your ‘downtime’

  • Set your own study questions. Seek triggers for memory. (Use Mnemonics)

  • Check with your tutors for areas not sure of particular topics (see timetable below)

     Hard work, dedication and time management. will produce improved results so earn the grade you deserve.This is the business time of schooling with reward just around the corner.

     Good luck :-)


TERM 4, 2019: Time to Consolidate

Posted by John Ryan on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 In : smartworks education 
 TERM 4 continues the learning cycle in the lead up to concluding the formal learning cycle and end of year reports.  Term 4 is a celebration of concepts taught, a time for reflection and planning, and a time for renewal for our Year 11 students who officially commence HSC as Term 1, Year 12. It is a time of rapid growth and consolidation so efforts should be maintained rather than wane just because it is Term 4. So keep your eye on the road ahead and plan for a positive outcome rather than f...
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Term 3: Time To Prune!

Posted by John Ryan on Tuesday, July 9, 2013
So you have the report in hand, holidays are sorted and you are ready for Term 3. For some, if things keep going the way they did in the first half of the year then Term 4 Report might as well be a carbon copy of the first. To make a structural change can be one of the hardest decisions one can make. For the time-poor High School student working 3 nights at Maccas'' plus Oz Tag plus weekend sport, a party here and there, Facebook, Snapchat, Foxtel, food, fun, families, friends, fitness, Gamin...
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Starting the New School Year Right

Posted by John Ryan on Monday, February 7, 2011 In : Blog My Site 
The new year is underway and your high school age student can do a few things differently to make all the difference down the track:
1. Fill in the school diary with Term Weeks. In NSW, 2011 Term weeks are all 10 weeks. Your school may have something a little different so check it out and label each view page T1W1, T1W2 etc.. 
2. For each assignment or assessment, make a note not only of its due date, but key dates to do activity on that
 assignment or assessment task. You do not want to begin ...

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The Reluctant Reader: Some Suggestions for Parents

Posted by John Ryan on Monday, June 28, 2010 In : Blog My Site 
 Is Reading a Drag?
A reason why reading is perceived as "boring" may be more to the issue that children find either the texts attempted too hard or unappealing or both. I have a few suggestions below, many you would do naturally as part of your daily dialogue and relationship withyour child, so pick one or more idea you might not do and tweak it a little. From an educators perspective it is pretty straight forward because of our school like expectations, a student can expect to get 'drilled' ...
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 TIPS ON THE RUN: TERM 2 continues to build on the learning cycle for the year. It is in Term 2 that work habits are reinforced and  routines become habit. We know that routine is an important foundation skill so re-negotiate the ground rules you have established given the scope of growth you have evidenced and again adjust your home practice as required. If you are unsure of a path to choose call me for some ideas. Always ready to help!!!  John :) 

 TIPS ON THE RUN: TERM 3 continues build on the learning cycle for the year. It is in Term 3 that work habits are reinforced and changes made, post reports.  Reports are both a celebration of strengths and timely advice for students to not only  attempt to remain 'mainstream' but to excel in any way.

Consider the advice given and make the necessary changes to study, routine, or praxis. Parents may again be required to re-negotiate some boundaries and rules established given the scope of growth you have evidenced and again adjust your home practice as required. As always, keep it positive. If you are unsure of a path to choose call me for some ideas. Always ready to help!  John :)