What Smartworks can do for Secondary Students

Remediation, Grade Maintenance, Extension

Study & Exam Skills

 English, Mathematics, PDHPE, Modern &

 Ancient History, Geography, Business Studies, 

SOR, CAFS, Industrial Timber and Design 


More than just a tutor service: We teach alternate learning strategies.We help manage the basics by combining study and planning skills with tuition. We teach strategies for memory recall. We reinforce and revise current math, English or other KLA topics and teach effective reading , comprehension and essay writing technique. HSC tutors work closely with students in key modules for both General and Extension students.

Effective writing technique can help to make the difference for accessing preferred courses. Smartworks will assist to resource students with tools to help make a difference with published writing when it matters.

Mathematics:  Because Year 8 to Year 12 math classes are ability graded, from Year 7 Our goal is to maximise each students math ability in order to maintain their position, push ahead and make conceptual links to give them access to the best possible class and the best possible chance of confidence and success  in key exams. 

Because maths is empirical, We revise past topics regularly and strive for systematic, regular math 'time on task' to build confidence and ability.

Year 7 to 10 HSC Maths in Society, General to Extension 2, all levels catered, all abilities catered.

Science: The content of 'science' is enormous. We reinforce current topics and help students to systemise their book work to take relevant, practical, useful notes for study. For HSC students, Physics, Chemistry, Biology , Earth and Environmental as well as General Science tuition is available.

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Good Seed in Good soil with good
 care will reap great reward

 At the heart of learning is the dignity of the whole person. Some teenage students are reluctant to seek help in areas of difficulty. Perception is truth for them. Our tutors excel in finding positive aspects of each student to make them feel that no matter the difficulty, an educational defecit or difficulty does not impede their value as a person.

 Our tutors: assist each student evolve as  independent learners of Mathematics and English based subjects. We will not ''do'' students assignments but will teach them to plan, modify, mind map or concept map a topic prior to publication and monitor construction processes with affective feedback

Understanding Science liberates the mind
A happy lif consists in tranquility of Mind Cicero 106-43 BC