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What We Do:

English: Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Hand Writing, Spelling and Grammar. We Pre-test and re-test areas of need to give us a base line and measure of success to strive for future growth. We push incrementally while building confidence.

 Comprehension  is staged, sequential and student incentive driven. This program is valid for students in years 1 through 8, with alternate strategies beyond this. We assist students improve Literal (which can be found within the text) Interpretive (which can be interpreted from the text but not directly stated), and Applied Level   (which can be interpreted from the author's intent)

Writing in text types required for effective, logical communication are focused on, primarily in text types students focus on presently at school. This assists confidence and ability in the school arena where it counts most.

Hand Writing: There are skills that apply to left handed writers that are unique. A lefty pushes writing implements across a page where as a right hander effectively pulls. We teach all students effective pen/ pencil grip and letter formation appropriate for their abilities. Neat, well formed writing assists promote positive self appraisal of ability and therefore confidence.

Effective spellers apply a range of skills when writing. Sounding it out is only one way. We equip students with other strategies to assist including phonemic base, word family grouping, mnemonics, common rules. Our pograms are sequential and support other school based programs. 

Maths: Number, Space, Measurement, Patterns and Algebra: We pretest and hone in on topics as closely related to current schooling as possible. We aim for confidence initially and build on this . We back our teachers who use positive reinforcement strategies to guide each child to succeed n the area of current need in order to reflect this in the school arena where it counts most.

Confidence: Smartworks Tutors are committed to build on your child’s strengths and develop weaker areas. We focus on areas that offer the best chance for success. Our tutors will set goals and initiate tutoring from an agreed position. We Reinforce the value of each student and help them to see that despite any difficulty, they are valued as people first and as an emerging learner secondly.

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A Healthy, Holistic Approach Makes all the Difference: 

We Make tutoring as enjoyable as possible. We apply a creative and holistic practice using a combination of close contact, solo or group learner theory, concrete (practical) learning opportunities and wherever possible, drill, and quirky interesting learning opportunities that resonate with our students.