TERM 4 continues the learning cycle in the lead up to concluding the formal learning cycle and end of year reports.  Term 4 is a celebration of concepts taught, a time for reflection and planning, and a time for renewal for our Year 11 students who officially commence HSC as Term 1, Year 12. It is a time of rapid growth and consolidation so efforts should be maintained rather than wane just because it is Term 4. So keep your eye on the road ahead and plan for a positive outcome rather than fall into a grade you do not want or deserve


  • Make your own study time table

  • Treat every day as a school day through the holidays. Get used to sitting 2-3 hours at a stretch.

  • Eat!  Eat healthy!!

  • Sleep! Sleep at the right times!!

  • Exercise!! If you are not into fitness, then go for a walk and clear your head.

  • Summarise…. properly

  • Checklist you subject dot points. Display visually. Minimise social media to fit into your ‘downtime’

  • Set your own study questions. Seek triggers for memory. (Use Mnemonics)

  • Check with your tutors for areas not sure of particular topics (see timetable below)

     Hard work, dedication and time management. will produce improved results so earn the grade you deserve.This is the business time of schooling with reward just around the corner.

     Good luck :-)