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Term 2, 2018 OPTIONS

NOTE: ALL CURRENT STUDENTS retain their positions. If a new time is required please notify ASAP.


For Primary, Secondary and HSC students, Term 3, 2018 will be a 10 week school and Smartworks term. We have placements available Primary, Secondary & HSC but please book in ASAP

 Term 3 begins Monday 23 July, 2018. If you have a pupil free day save the day  as an extra.

During the holidays please call or text mobile 0412 473 282 or email: john@smartworkseducation.com .We are around all holidays and can arrange a meeting/ view of our Education Centre when needed.

Thank you for trusting Smartworks Education for your child's extended learning.

John Ryan



Welcome to Smartworks, most of our referrals (about 90-95%) are word of mouth. Take a look and if you feel we may be a good fit please contact our Office. We are located in the southern Sydney suburb of Engadine having commenced in 2000  and to date have assisted the educational needs of thousands of Southern Sydney students.

Year 1-12....Why Choose Us?

We assist each student to reinforce current learning, improve long term performance and add value to their unique educational development.  We support students from Year 1 through to HSC all subjects and all ability levels.

Primary Subjects 

Remedial, Maintenance, Extension: Mathematics (all strands, all abilities), English: Reading, writing, Spelling, Comprehension, hand writing, Phonics, Essay Writing, Text Construction Grammar and Spelling as well as Homework Support.

Secondary & HSC Subjects

Remedial, Maintenance, Extension:

Y7 to HSC level in English,  Maths: General to Extension 2, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth & Environmental Studies)  History,Geography, PDHPE, CAFS, SOR, Legal and Business Studies + Portfolio Preparation Skills. We up-skill students in Essay Construction, time management and Study & Exam Skills

We Provide:

 ... A support service for parents, teachers other agencies who have identified particular needs in students requiring attention. 

 ... A learner-centered and incentive-driven program linked closely, where appropriate, with the current school plan to enhance confidence and performance. 

 ... A tailored education plan to suit your child's needs, based on initial assessment and discussion as well as reflection of current issues.

... Consideration for the dignity of the whole person and reflect this in the pastoral care we show our students.

Contact us now for an initial  discussion and, if you feel we are appropriate, an enrolment opportunity

phone (02)95486455 for a free assessment or email john@smartworkseducation.com

John Ryan

B.Ed.(NSW) Dip. Teach. Dip. RE(MSMCCE)Grad. Dip Arts(ACU). 

Principal Teacher

Confidence, resilience and growth for students in mainstream education of all abilities


 Office:   (02)  9548 6455





Term            Start           End         Length

Term 1:           TBA                                    (10 weeks) 

Term 2:          Mon 30 April            Fri 6 July          (10 weeks)  

Term 3:          Mon 23 July             Fri 28 Sep         (10 weeks)

Term 4:          Mon 15 Oct             Fri 16 Dec          ( 9 weeks) Note Schools Gazetted to finish Dec 19 in Week 10. We finish the friday before 

Together we can make a difference...

A fundamental belief for all educators is that a firm foundation will only lead to greatness. Whether remedial, maintenance or extension for gifted children, all students have areas which need be addressed in an appropriate, confidential, professional way.

Thank you for choosing Smartworks as your preferred tutoring service. 

Please use the form below or contact us direct. Either way is fine.


John  Ryan



We set you up to achieve your best

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